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Active Always sessions

Exercise class for older people

Active Always

The Active Always programme offers a range of classes to ensure everyone can join in at their own pace. These classes are now all privately run / delivered by the instructors.

There is a variety of classes available;

  • Active Always Gentle Exercise Classes are for those who are new to exercise or want a gentle to moderate level of exercise class. Some of these classes offer seated alternatives
  • Strength and Balance Classes (Otago exercises to prevent falls and increase stability, mobility and flexibility)
  • Walking Groups (Walking for Health) Walking in particular is a great way to improve your health and just about anyone can do it. Walking 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week can bring substantial health benefits. An ideal way to achieve this is to take a walk in your Local Park or green space
  • Active Workplace (Active Rotherham can help workplaces run activities either onsite or close by for employees to get fit and healthy, please get in touch for more details)