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Active Rotherham

The Active Rotherham Team

The Active Rotherham Team aims to increase participation in sport and physical activity with additional focus on those most inactive, young people, older people, people with disabilities, women and black and ethnic minorities.

The team have developed strong partnerships and network infrastructures with schools, clubs, community groups and other organisations to provide and enable high quality sporting opportunities. This enables people of all ages to take part in sport and physical activity for fun and health through to organised instruction, coaching and competition.

Positive engagement in sports and physical activity has numerous benefits including helping to address and tackle social and health issues. Active Rotherham will continue to achieve this by expanding networks and partnerships to deliver the best quality opportunities. This is done through the delivery of their themed programmes, which you can discover all about on this site.

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About our staff

The Active Rotherham Team comprises four officers and three stadium staff. The team coordinate a range of sport and physical activities and programmes across the borough working with private, public and community sectors to increase participation in sport and physical activity.

Active Rotherham has a strategic overview of sport and physical activity in Rotherham and act as a support mechanism to enable a wide range of partners to deliver on the common goal of getting more people active, no matter what their age, ethnicity, and gender.

In addition the team manage Herringthorpe Athletics Stadium which hosts a variety of sport and physical activities and events.

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